To Donald Trump

Are you a thug?

On Friday the 30th of September 2022 Donald Trump said Mitch McConnell has a Death Wish 

This can only be construed as a threat against Mitch McConnell and his family

Mr Donald Trump

It is time you learn from your past mistakes rather than to repeat them again and again.

This is not the first time you have called upon thugs to perform your death wish against an honorable individual.  On and before January 6th you called upon thugs to attack the Capitol building of the legislative body of the United States and even when the thugs put up a hanging post intended for Vice President Pence you did nothing to stop them except after a long time you made a minimal effort which appears that you did only to save your own neck (figuratively speaking - pun intended).  

You are clearly disqualifying yourself from future office as you are not man enough to admit your mistakes or to make amends.  

Your actions deserve to be prosecuted for what they are; blatant attempts to undermine democracy that endanger the lives of others.