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We have received a letter to the Russian Orthodox Church

Patrick writes from Canada: Putin lost this criminal invasion the day his troop cross the Ukrainian borders. For all Russians coming to Ukraine, you will join the faith of your 50,000 comrades that have already died in Ukraine. Your government is lying to you and doesn’t care. You will perish for the wimp of this autocratic murderer. Putin is the enemy of Ukraine, World Peace and Russia alike. He will go down in history as a deranged criminal like his predecessor Adolf Hitler. Russia will live with the shame of his actions for centuries.— Slava Ukraini!

Gary writes: Ukraine is a sovereign state thus putin has no right over it. He has only managed to alienate the world. We are all against him now whereas previously he had some support and respect.

Ronald writes: Keep up the pressure.  Absolutely hate what's happening in Ukraine.

Someone writes: Ukraine is a sovereign state thus Putin has no right over it. He has only managed to alienate the world. We are all against him now whereas previously he had some support and respect.

Alan writes: Putin must be stopped now and for good. Short of that the world will pay even a heavier price than WW2, with all the 'want-to-be-like-Putin' dictators (China tops that list but there are many others), shedding their camouflage skins and exposing their true evil intentions...

Paul writes: give them every weapon they need 

Rice writes:  Your guys are great and I really love you. All of you are so brave fighting autocracy since the day of President Viktor Yanukovych. I really want to fight together with you guys if I can. May   Russia be condemned by all the gods and erased from the earth. 

Leigh comments:  It terrifies me to see the world sit back and watch this people struggle for they're freedom

Someone writes:  Stop the new Hitler, DO NOT negotiate with him!

Alan writes:  Putin must be stopped now and for good. Short of that the world will pay even a heavier price than WW2, with all the 'want-to-be-like-Putin' dictators (China tops that list but there are many others), shedding their camouflage skins and exposing their true evil intentions... 

Anna writes:  Conventional Military attacks must be repelled with conventional military weapons... To fail to supply such weapons for fear of nuclear attack when both sides have nuclear weapons is non sensical and actually enabling Putin....To fail to supply weapons as  necessary to fight a war is to prolong conflict reduce the chances of success and needlessly endanger millions. Beyond this it is strategically suicidal to let Ukraine fall into Putin's hands.... the bread basket of Europe and the Middle East is at stake....!!!! as well as the future of democracy!!!! 

Someone writes:  World, let's help UKRAINE 

Casey writes:  Russia can't be trusted, it is time to skirt them.

Someone writes:  Over throw genocidal dictators or war will come to all.  History is not just the past but a lesson to all, learn from it and seek a better future. 

South African writes:  

Anyone that think like Putin and do what Putin does is nothing short from a mass murderer!  He is no different than Hitler!  Putin is a war monger and a narcissist!  He is drunk on power and he is allowed to kill off a whole independent nation who has the right to make their own independent decisions!  Why Ukraine & Moldova was not included as members of NATO is a real mystery!  What is the worst that could have happened if they were members?  Putin would not have tried to invade them!  

My government is sticking to their guns - we are not going to side against Russia!  Like China!  Please know, that we, the citizens are with Ukraine and Moldova.  

Putin, please stop killing innocent people! 

Someone writes:  Let Ukraine stay independent, democratic, and be a member of NATO. What is still lacking for the approval of its application? 

Sarah writes: Vladimir Putin is a wild animal he should be kept in the Zoo. The only way Ukraine can win this war is to pay Putin back in ruble by invading and attacking Russian village by village, town by town, city by city. You can't win a war by defending your home alone. There must be a front where you serve your enemy the same level of assault. Then, Russians would call for an end to this mad war.

Someone writes:  Any church that condones this aggression and suffering is a false church. This will forever be a stain on your soul.

Vinc writes:  Stop the war! 

Wayne writes:  Russian people do not want war. Putin is not a leader as he has not lead Russians along a peaceful path. A true leader, will lead where his citizens wish, not where his wishes. He will most likely create the inability of Russians access to the rest of the world in travel, trade, sport and cultural exchange. The Russian Orthodox Church should Excommunicate him for sending young Russian soldiers to their death in war. Obviously he does not believe in the teachings of your religion.  To the people of Ukraine you are showing so much courage in your efforts to defend your people, land and freedom. You have a leader that is leading you to achieve that goal. A TRUE LEADER.  

Someone writes: Putin must answer to The Hague for his crimes.

Susan writes:  Putin must be stopped. We must ensure the rule of international law is enforced, rather than allowing the world to descend into being ruled by tyranny. 

Franklin asks:  How can the rest of the world present the facts, visuals, documentaries sound, etc., to the media controlled Russian citizens, So they can see Blood, the dead bodies, dead children, bombed hospitals, Ukraine women children raped by Russian kurbas. 

Rob writes:  This is a worldwide wake up to reality...Putin and his supporters need to be stopped from committing atrocities against Ukraine or any other nation...The world needs to know, you are a part of this, you can not hide, because you are only one hour away via Putin's Ballistic missiles from the sort if destruction he is wreaking on any nation he wants to conquer..... You could be next.... so show some guts, and solidarity... Stand up for Ukraine. 

Lejane writes: Boycott Russia in every form or way possible! 

Someone who lived in Donetsk writes:  My beloved City Donetsk is being destroyed. I studied in DPI from 1978 to 1983 with other International students. The lessons were conducted in Russian. Russians and Ukrainians are brothers. Please STOP this WAR NOW. We were studying in Russian with other Nationalities from all over the World. Russians and Ukrainians are brothers. 

Maulfry writes:  Stop this horrendous war! STOP PUTIN! 

Someone writes: Putin must be checked." Pop" may kindly go and sit in Ukraine. War will have to be stopped.

Alan writes: Putin must be stopped now and for good. Short of that the world will pay even a heavier price than WW2, with all the 'want-to-be-like-Putin' dictators (China tops that list but there are many others), shedding their camouflage skins and exposing their true evil intentions... 

Deanna writes: This war is heart breaking - my thoughts and prayers go to all Ukrainian people 🌹

Maryana writes: We have to put a noose around the Russians, so the war will be stopped. Unless the ordinary Russians feel the squeeze from us, we won't be able to stop Putin. Germany should be ashamed for supporting Putin! 

Gustavo writes:  totally support in your petition

Someone writes: Putin's war on Ukraine is illegal and must be stopped and all Russian fighters must leave Ukraine; Russians must remove Putin from office and restore their country to be peace loving. 

Nadia writes: The war has revealed to the rest of the world those leaders that are morally and ethically questionable  e.g.   Brazil, China, India, Pakistan etc., separating the wheat from the chaff. 

Natalie writes:  Peace to Ukraine and the World 

Alfredo writes:  Finally I read a rationale by which if the Chinese back up Russia, and do not condemn the invasion of a sovereign country by Russia, with the corresponding creation of new puppet republics in the conquered territories they control, then the West should warn China that they may do something similar, only that it would be legitimate, without invasion causing unnecessary human suffering or crimes against humanity, and recognize Taiwan as an independent republic. Chinese government can't have it both ways. they should choose one rationale and stick with it.  Vladimir Putin would not have done what he did were it not for the backing he had from the Chinese!!!! 

Keith writes: SUPPORT UKRAINE! 

Filipino writes:  We love Ukrainians as much as we love every humans but hate power hungry and those that are much like Nazi criminals - Vladimir Putin  He wants the Filipino government to limit all trade with Russia and for people to boycott goods from Russia, Belarus, China and India and other countries that are sitting on the fence. 

Someone writes: Putin is a little shit!!!!! 

A young Irish woman wants to join the fight on the ground . Wants people to boycott Russian, Belarusian, Chinese and Indian goods.  And the Irish government to take every measure short of removing Russia from UNSC or enforcing a No-Fly Zone.

Mel calls for a:  Stop to Russia's Brutality on Ukraine and it’s citizens now. 

Someone writes:  Save Ukraine, world leaders do something substantive, evil cannot win. 

A Nigerian calls on the two nations to end the war.   And for the Nigerian government to support a resolution to remove Russia from the UNSC, to sanction and not to trade with Russia and for people to boycott China, India and other nations that are not doing enough to support Ukraine.

John writes:  Do all you can to help the people of Ukraine from this madness 

Someone writes:  Putin needs to be eliminated 

An American writes to the UN:  Enough of this waiting to see what happens.  If what we see in the US media is mostly true, then it is clear that Russia will focus on targeting civilians.  I suggest that the UN (1) remove Russia from its "permanent member" status and (2) send peace-keeping troops into Ukraine.  If the UN is unable or unwilling to do this, then maybe it needs to change its mission statement to read something like "to provide an international podium for political posturing". 

Evangeline writes:  Let us all stand for righteousness and let us all raise our  voice against evil Mr. Putin. 

An American writes: I am horrified by what Putin is doing in Ukraine and what he has done to decimate other nations of Syria and Chechnya.  Putin is a mass murderer who must be stopped. 

Geoffrey writes:  Vladimir Putin's a clone of Adolph Hitler. His troops raping women, shooting unarmed civilians- The same actions of Nazi troops from WW2. This war of attrition MUST be stopped by the 'free world' nations

South African writes to Putin:  Don't Suffer The innocents people, Think about Unborn Babies, Pregnant mothers.  Mr. President Stop the War Please. 

A Filipino writes: 

Another person calls on his government to enforce a No-Fly Zone over Ukraine, to take a greater part in the sanctions and supply humanitarian and military equipment to the Ukraine.  He supports Russian removal from the UNSC.

Daniel writes:  Hopefully, the Ukraine people do not give up, because it is true, there is little hope in Putin's promises. 

Sri Lankan writes:  All Countries big or small must support Ukraine without counting the economic losses or confrontation, Otherwise satanic Nations & leaders will prevail and swallow up the  weaker nations ( Now & in the future) UNITY IS STRENGTH. 

Someone writes: I do believe that this invasion, unprovoked assault is totally lacking in moral integrity on the part of Mr. Putin.

A Filipino Engineer writes:  We love Ukrainians as much as we love every humans but hate power hungry and much like Nazi criminals - Vladimir Putin 

A Venezuelan writes:  Humanity must begin to understand that World Peace must not be subject to the visceral desires of a human being and these must be faced together and with a strong hand. Putin not only attacks the people of Ukraine with this he also attacks the peace of his own people.

A Serbian wants his government to help Ukraine.

Dana writes:  Putin must go. 

An Irishman writes: I personally think NATO and the Americans should all get involved unfortunately this situation is going to have to get worse before it hopefully gets better and some one can take Putin out 

A British woman writes:  We should be supplying fighter planes which could go to a sympathetic country which could then send their fighter planes to Ukraine and keep the ones we send. 

A Professor writes: The world has to learn to solve things peacefully. Also everybody should help countries which values are Freedom and Liberty and keep democracy. We need to protect our way of life.

Someone writes:  Russia Go F*** Yourself !!! 

Mr. Coakley writes: I support Ukraine and its great people

Someone writes: My whole hearted support is there for Ukrainians.  Let them win the war and let Putin change his mind and work for mankind and peace 

Mark Webster fully supports this petition for the world to ensure that Ukraine does not fall to this tyrant

An English man writes:  We have a deterrent yet Putin says jump and we say how high. Each nation should ask the peoples view and not make decisions in my name that will affect me if he presses the button. They didn't ask us to buy the weapons for deterrent  so start using them instead of looking at them. 

Someone writes: Big nations should not kill small nations as we all belong to same global village 

Deepthi writes: We love Ukraine. We love Russia But we never love  war and war-makers 

Someone writes: No to Russia

A Brit writes:  if it was us we would want help, we should fight

Someone writes: NO MORE WAR

People around the world want to host Ukrainian refugees

Someone writes:  We will never and never keep quiet on anybody who commits crimes against humanity.  We love you Ukraine, we are praying for you and we much believe all is going to be well soon.  Lets end the useless war in Ukraine

A Serbian and many others write:  Slava Ukraini - Glory to Ukraine

Someone commented on our letterAn awesome letter that rings true 

A distinguished Professor signed our petition in support of Ukraine and wrote:  I feel for Ukraine and this is the least I can do

Someone writes:  God bless us all...!

An Australian writes:  Ukraine needs the support of the whole world - including Russia - against Putin 

Maryna from the UK writes: Unless the ordinary Russians feel the squeeze from us, we won't be able to stop Putin. Germany should be ashamed for supporting Putin!

Dr. Dave Sharma shared his letter to newspapers at the beginning of the war and wrote: 

I sent the letter, below, at the beginning of the grotesque and bizarre display of madness displayed by Putin.  I am copying to this message. I fully agree with everything said in the excellent letter titles "Putin is a traitor." He is also a murderer of people including his own soldiers who he has used to do his dirty deeds. He is also a coward as he sits protected in his palace unlike the man who stands with his people in defense of his country Please see my letter of hope at the beginning of his despicable invasion which I sent to many newspapers of my country Guyana and to the NY Times. The hope has grown by the actions of the countries of Democracy. I fully support the formation of a new UN with cutting all links to countries which practice authoritarian rule.

Dear Editor  (2-25-2022)

Permit me to add my concerns to those expressed by Government. Mr. Putin has disrespected the sovereignty of a nation by his military invasion already causing the deaths of many. The fact that he blatantly lied about not planning to invade Ukraine makes him a criminal. This man should be tried at the International Criminal Court of Justice as a war criminal. However neither Russia nor the USA is a signatory to this court which leaves the only current physical actions against him being the courage of the outnumbered Ukrainian army. The response by the decent world is a civilized one to a brutal savage. Threats of sanctions against him did nothing to deter his invasion. The main sanction of the Skype sanction is apparently not to be applied for various political and economic reasons. The series of events leading to this invasion is phantasmagoric. The world is just recovering from the recent surreal pandemic of a virus and its mutants killing over five million persons.  Now a man is the virus. This is not 1812 when Napoleon launched his Russian Campaign. If Mr. Putin felt that Ukraine belongs to his Russia then he should have sought to convince the International Court of Justice of this fact and even though Russia is not a signatory to the Court, the case to resolve the boundary dispute was filed by Ukraine. There are many countries with current border disputes. Invasions which damage cities and cause loss of life is not the way to solve a border dispute. For Putin to invade and annex territory in the manner he did before is to permit an inevitable wider invasion or give encouragement to others with similar intent. There appears little hope that Ukraine can withstand the might of the Russian army However there is the hope that history can repeat the experience of Napoleon who sent 600.000 troops to invade Russia. One sixth of that number survived. Napoleon was exiled to the island St. Helena  never to return to France alive. Sadly, fourteen years after invading Georgia, Russia continues to maintain its presence in that region. Georgia, Crimea and now Ukraine. What next for Mr. Putin. The rights of human beings are being severely infringed and their lives snatched by a war criminal.  I urge that the UN security council send troops to help bolster the defense before Kiev falls. 

Gloria writes regarding the UN:

Urgent need to reform the United Nation.    The current status of the UN is that it is corrupt organization led by imposter Antonio Guterres with background in International Fascist movements. It is anti-thesis of why the UN originally was established that is  to keep peace in the world.

Currently corrupt Guterres  making noise of climate change which is a brain washing exercise to cover up for marching fascism, wars and Genocide in Ukraine.

When bombs starting falling on Ukraine killing civilians and children Guterres was entertaining irrelevant speeches on climate change.

That imposter must be dismissed immediately.

It became plain that Guterres approved Putin's aggression on Ukraine.

Under the circumstances of Genocide and war crimes by Russia in Ukraine Russia should have been removed from the UN Security Council immediately together with China which is a silent accessory to war in Ukraine.

No primitive brutal Nations led by mafia and fascist barbaric leaders should be a member with a voting voice in the United Nation.

What happened under Guterres in the UN is a crime against humanity.

If there was a real moral human as a head of the UN the UN would assemble international large army of a peace keepers and send to Ukraine once Russia started concentrating their army on Ukrainian borders.

People of the world wanted to save our world demand the following immediately:

1. That Secretary General of the United Nation Antonio Guterres steps down immediately.

2. That a person from a nation who is subject to Genocide that is Ukraine  is appointed as a new Secretary General of the UN.

3. That Russia, China,  Eritrea and nations who supported Russian invasion of Ukraine be removed from the United Nation and the Security Council.

4. That Ukraine and Sweden replace Russia and China in the Security Council.

5. That International army of 1 million peace keeping force be established to be sent to region where there is a aggressive war and genocide or threat of such.

6. That each nation with good will provides peace-keeping force to the UN.

7. That a separate World organization be established to deal with Global environmental issues and that Climate Change issue is removed from the UN. 

The war and the response to it from the rest of the world is already seeping through to the ordinary Russian people who are afraid Russia is making itself a pariah state.  A Russian just asked me what the mood was like in Europe.   My reply:  Myself I burst into tears several times a day because I feel so much for how the people in Ukraine are suffering.   I also feel sorry for the people of Russia who are stuck with this man who used to be somewhat charismatic but has now turned into a monster.   I doubt he will come to his senses.   But if all Russians would go into the streets -they can not put you all in jail- there is hope that a revolution will set you and the Ukrainians free.   There is 93 percent support in Ukraine for resistance and probably raising.   There is 75% support with both political parties in the US and more support in Europe.   Me and people around me just see another Hitler and therefore we see no sense in agreeing to any of his demands, because it would only lead to further aggression later.   Actually this aggression has opposite effects, it leads to much more military build up on Russia's border, short term and long term.

Please forward this letter or URL to everyone you know.